The whole purpose in picking our name was to represent those spirits that are oblivious to time, so in their honor, I would like to showcase the media coverage of our spooky friends over the centuries. Be sure to check back each week for Timeless Tuesday! 

This year has been AMAZING as far as the investigations we have done, and we are proud to announce that we were picked to work on a new TV Project!!

You can find information on some of our past investigations, including a converted 1920′s hardware store, the little castle in the woods, and 1836 stagecoach inn, and a former funeral home here.

The investigation we did in November 2013 in North Carolina is very personal to Shannon. You are cordially invited to share in it and read The Real Story of Cold Mountain part 1


If you think you are interested in our services or know of a historical location that should be investigated, please read Why You Should Choose Us and contact us either by Email or contact us via our Facebook Page. We never charge for the preparation research, travel, or investigating that we do. Once a review of the data collected is completed, we will supply a written report, including all historical and genealogical research, and copies of the data (again, free of charge) which you can use to draw your own conclusions. We look forward to hearing from you.

Last modified on July 1, 2014