Bedingfield Inn – Stewart County, GA

Bedingfield Inn

This was our 2nd trip to the inn, the first one produced some interesting results during the dowsing sessions, but we didn’t obtain much in the way of audio or visual evidence, this trip, however, was completely different. Our equipment included the newly acquired Paranormal A.M.P. developed by C.A.U.G.H.T Parascience, SB7 spirit box, voice recorder, dowsing rods, and a Nikon D7000 DSLR camera. Our friend Laura, who is associated with the Stewart County Historical Commission, joined us for the entire evening.

Downstairs, we concentrated on one room, the private dining room, also known as the trap door room, because of experiences on the previous investigation. We know this room had multiple uses, including the families eating area and a medical/surgical area. We have not been able to find any records to explain the trap door in the floor that led to underneath the house. Tensions with Native Americans were high at the time the house was built (this was around the time of the Creek uprisings and subsequent treaty signings) so it’s possible that it was an escape route to be able to hide from attackers. Dr. Bedingfield had his own office in the square, but was well known to perform his medical duties in the house after hours in this room, so it may well be related to that.

Samuel Shadow - West RoomUpstairs, we concentrated on 3 rooms. The Singer and West rooms (these were the private family bedrooms) and the Castleberry-Dowd room (this was the “Family” room for guests and it includes a large bed, child’s bed, and cradle). In all 3 rooms we had personal experiences that included being touched and hearing voices both with the spirit box and our own ears. In the West room we believe we captured Dr. Samuel Bedingfield trying to show himself and he spoke with us multiple times, answering relevant questions through the spirit box. He did not want Dave in the room and once he left, Samuel was VERY intent on showing his interest in Laura.


Trigger DollyDuring the last investigation we learned through dowsing sessions that there was a 6 year old little girl (this age was confirmed twice that time and twice more this time) there. In preparation for this visit, Laura made a trigger item to try to get her to communicate more and when we brought the yarn doll in the room she became very active. She was very attached to the dolly. She named it Sarah, seemingly after herself as she told us that was her name. In the Singer room she communicated with us and we heard her both with our own ears and through the spirit box. During the dowsing session, she indicated that Samuel was her uncle. When we moved to the Castleberry-Dowd room, she followed us. We asked her if she could sing to her dolly, and she did on 3 different occasions and audibly said again that Samuel was her uncle. We explained we had to take the dolly with us when we left, but that Laura would make her one of her own if she wanted. At that point Sarah was very definite on wanting a black haired blue-eyed doll (the one we had with us had red hair and green eyes). Laura made her the doll and took it to the inn a week later and will be keeping an eye out to see if she winds up in different locations in the room.

We could not be more pleased with how our new equipment functioned and look forward to seeing how it performs during our upcoming winter investigation there.

Below you will find our audio findings (of which there are many) and the photographs that we cannot, as of yet, explain

Bedingfield Inn – West Room

Audio Captured in the Trapdoor Room

Anybody here that wants to talk to us? Hello What’s your name? Samuel Do you like us being here? No

Audio Captured in the Singer Room

Do you like the dolly? Toy What to call the dolly? Yeah Put the dolly? Yes

Audio Captured in the West Room

He’s making a lot of noise? YesIs Samuel Here? Yes What’s your last name? Beding Ok thank you. Hold on. Did you just say something? I did… Hold On

Audio Captured in the Castleberry-Dowd Room

Mommy Uncle Do you want me to get the dolly out of the cradle? Yes



  1. Wow. It was very cool talking with you and your wife today at the fair on the square Lumpkin,Ga. REALLY neat EVP’s you got at the inn. I will be getting back with you on the President Carter house soon. Thanks for all your help.

  2. David, it was awesome to meet you too!! (this is Shannon) Hope you did well as a vendor :) I know Dave mentioned this morning he really enjoyed the time y’all got to chat (since he had more time with you than I did). We look forward to hearing back about the Carter house and the opportunity to chat with you some more

  3. Thank You for all you have done for us!!!! Come back any time!!!

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