Corpsewood Manor

Corpsewood Manor If you don’t know the tragic story of Corpsewood Manor, otherwise know as the little castle in the woods, happening upon the ruins could make your imagination run wild. Since this structure was designed to have no electricity, phones, or running water, you really wouldn’t know if it was built 20 years ago or 150 years ago.







Front of Corpsewood RuinsIn actuality, it was built in the latter half of the 1970’s by Dr. Charles Scudder to facilitate his desire to leave his associate professors job and “get away from it all”. In the spring of 1981, he wrote this article about the trials and triumphs of building this home with his friend and housekeeper, Joseph Odem. Little did he know that in just 20 months they would both be the subject of every type of perverted innuendo a small north Georgia mountain town could dream up based on items reported to be in the home and then brutally murdered. If you google Corpsewood Manor you will run into snippets here and there of what supposedly happened shortly before Christmas of 1982. These were the days before the internet, and information is sketchy at best. Everybody has “their” version of what happened, but unless you were to try to access all the police records and court documents, all these versions have to be taken with a grain of salt.




Chicken House/Pink Room Ruins


Accusations of devil worship, child molestation, and drug driven homosexual orgies that took place in what was known as the pink room, located in a separate building next to the house that also housed their chickens, are just a few of things these men were accused of. Rumor had it that Dr. Scudder & Mr. Odem were lovers and built this home deep in the woods of Chattooga county so they could practice their “deviant” lifestyle in privacy and residents of the county soon started referring to the place it was built as Devil Worship Mountain.

Regardless of the rumors, the fact is, they (and their dogs) were cold bloodily and brutally murdered on the night of December 12, 1982 by Kenneth Brock and Tony West, two men who got themselves invited to dinner and planned to rob the two men because they mistakenly thought they were wealthy. This internet article gives a pretty good synopsis of what happened that night.

There was, of course, a big trial, and a big deal was made of figuring out who died first as this would determine who’s family ended up with the property. Whoever ended up with it, didn’t really keep it up and the house was subjected to fires by vandals, and just left to return itself to the earth that helped sustain it.

Back of the Manor

Only a small part of the spiral staircase remains, and kudzu and ivy climb and cover what is left of the crumbling brick walls that formed the house, slaughterhouse, outdoor bathroom, water pump, and chicken house. It is no real secret how to find the ruins and for the last 31 years people have made the trek through the woods like it is some sort of paranormal Mecca. Evidence of drunken parties litters the grounds and Ouija boards and cameras have been found left behind as if the users got themselves into something that terrified them.

Like scores of other paranormal groups before us, Dave and I decided to take the leisurely 2 hour drive and attempt to see it for ourselves. The hike is not that bad, our only real concern was the constant barrage of gun blasts we heard while climbing over trees and navigating of flooded areas of a road that is no longer in use. We eventually found the ruins and spent time trying to figure out what each section was while taking pictures. I had read that people reported feeling the “evilness” of the place while there, but honestly, to us, it was extremely peaceful and we didn’t feel any oppression at all. I tried, unsuccessfully, to understand why Charles and Joseph would WANT to live in that kind isolation with no modern conveniences and came to the conclusion that I really do not want to be around for any sort of apocalypse because I wouldn’t last a week.

We turned on the SB7 and voice recorder and tried to talk to either Charles or Joseph for over an hour, asking every kind of question we could think of. Below, you can hear the ONLY response we got the entire time, and I think it is kind of telling about the rumors people seem to have no problem spreading about people when they are no longer there to defend themselves. Was it the spirit of Joseph, whose cremated ashes were scattered in the rose garden communicating with us? Or was it Charles? We may never know.

Round Room Ruins We do plan on going back in the winter, when the kudzu has died off for the season, so that we can see exactly how much of the ruins are not visible during the spring, summer, and fall. I would like to go back in December around the anniversary of the murders, but I have a feeling there would be way too much corporeal traffic for my liking.


Satanic Ritual



  1. I visited these grounds last night and felt nothing evil..I felt at peace..I even asked myself if the rumors are just that..I feel the place Corpsewood Manor was built out of love. I feel they picked that spot because it was deep within the forest and at the time of their death there was a new fear of desease…the aids epidemic..I believe the men who murdered them feared they would spread desease..I do not believe they were satanic. They were misunderstood. People who feel an evil presence are allowing their minds to play tricks on them..if you think it you will probably feel it. The dogs they had were their children..gay couples could not adopt in those days so they went with the next best thing..mans best friend..these men were nothing to fear. They welcomed and did not pass judgement on anyone. They were friendly and hosted dinner parties with their friends. The men who murdered them tricked them into believing they were accepting of their lifestyle. Those men were not to be trusted but joseph and charles trusted them..so evil no only evil I know is the two men sitting in prison right where they belong. Justice was served and Josephs presence is all around. The dogs presence is all around..and charles’ presence still lingers..they are all together their family of 3..Trinity…they are at peace and this is why I feel I felt at peace..I went there to experience something anything and the something I experienced wasnt even what I expected to experience. When we were done exploring I said what we need to do is sit somewhere in the home..there were 6 of us 4 of us chose the bedroom the other two chose what may or may not have been the pink room..but for sure we were in the bedroom. So we sat quietly the other two were over in the “pink” room asking for the spirits to communicate…nothing. we said to them you must stay quiet. So they did..a guy that I had never met that came with us unexpectedly says who knows a Gertrude..now at first I answered nobody knows a Gertrude please keep quiet..in all actuality I knew a Gertrude but I knew her as my Nanny but something awoke in me and I said..Wait! I do know a Gertrude thats my Nanny whom passed away in I believe 91..so we all sat still but me I felt as if my whole self was like radiating I guess..don’t know how to explain it..I had my fists on my forehead my elbows on my knees and my feet on the earth..all of a sudden tears came streaming thats when I realized my Nanny is really here all around me. In my head I started asking her things..I first asked why him why through him come to me. She answered I am here baby I am always here. That just made the feelings come full force and as I was crying I kept asking questions and I kept recieving answers..it was a beautiful night. We got to the path at sunset it was beautiful so right as I arrived I felt peace. Forgot to mention that. Another question I asked..is there evil here..I hear, not at the place you sit. I asked what about my friends she says no they are protected they are with you and I will protect you. She said the place you sit is a place of love. I asked..will something follow us out of here..no and if so I won’t allow it. I am your protector baby. I asked many more..more personal questions and I recieved answers. An answer I believe I have been searching for..as we left it was about midnight and as myself and the person who said her name the others went ahead saw the moon above where it lit it all up where the manor once stood..it was incredible and I knew it was my nanny telling me not to worry all will be fine..she stayed behind to be sure nothing attached to us but this morning she is back with me. The date was 9/5/2014 and also 9/6/2014 numerology plays a factor in all of everything..whats your interpretation.

  2. These two guys were warped by a lot of people’s standards and kept company with some sketchy people. They were Satanists nothing wrong with that but if your huffing paint with a bunch of pervos bad shit is gonna happen.
    These two hicks thought this couple was wealthy because they lived in a Manor in the woods. What morons! Gay Satanists lives matter!

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