We got to hear Ashley & Pam of Spirit Hunters of the South speak at Dragon Con this year and it was awesome.  They really went a long way in validating that our way of doing things isn’t unheard of and their collected data was outstanding 

C.A.U.G.H.T. Parascience is a paranormal research and development team comprised of engineers, programmers and other disciplines taking the mystery out of the paranormal and giving it concrete scientific properties and values. They are the developers of the Paranormal A.M.P, one of our favorite pieces of equipment. Founder Dan Smith is a published author and his new book Ghosts of Bobby Mackey’s Music World is a great read!!

Ghost Adventures Crew Because we all need a little Zak sometimes!!

Hauntech.net – Paranormal Research ExpertsThey are dedicated to helping those interested in paranormal research get out into the field as quickly and efficiently as possible and want to see paranormal research accepted fully into the realm of science, and overcome the stigma of being science fiction.

The Ghost Hunters Store is a great store based in New Jersey and it is where we purchase a lot of our equipment.

The Online Paranormal Society Directory
ParanormalSocieties.com – The Online Paranormal Society Directory




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