An Evening of Spirits

North Carolina BuildingThe first weekend of November, Dave and I decided to take another trip up to North Carolina and visit the graveyard where my great great grandmother is buried (this will be a separate posting). Since we were going to be near a friend we had not seen in awhile, we contacted them about a visit and we ended up planning to stay the night as their guest in an old building that has been converted to apartments.

I was dead tired after the session at High Shoals, so I sent them off to the bar so they could catch up. Given the age of the building we were in, I decided that I really shouldn’t waste the opportunity to investigate, so I got out my dowsing rods, the voice recorder and the SB7 and got ready to see if I could communicate with anyone. Little did I know that at the end of two hours, I would have communicated with 4 different spirits, sometimes all of them answering a simple question.

The main person I was speaking with identified (over the course of the evening) herself as Harriett Jones (she actually spoke her name before I used the dowsing rods to try to figure it out, but I didn’t know that until the evidence review). The course of the conversations revealed an interesting story because she told me that she and her husband had come over from Scotland in 1874, immediately after being married. The interesting part was that she informed me she had married her half brother and they had to leave Scotland because of it. She told me she was 49 when she passed and that she had black curly hair and that she and her husband never had children.

I have promised to keep this location confidential, so I cannot share any pictures or information about the location (save the very old photograph above), but I do have permission to share the voice files we received. It is interesting to note that during the entire session I received NUMEROUS responses to my questions and on three different occasions was asked not to leave when I had gotten up to take a break. Here are some of the most amusing and/or relevant ones:

I had begun using the dowsing rods to try to figure out the name of who I was speaking with, she was not shy about telling me her name was Harriett

This nice gentleman informed me his name was John

Someone informs me there are spirits that will not speak

Another gentleman introduces himself as Arthur

I think they were starved for attention because each time I got up to take a break, I was told Don’t Leave

This spirit seems to be repeating the age of my daughter, who is 20

While I was using the rods to find out where in the room the spirits were, I was informed they were definitely not in the kitchen

This one is really relevant, because the window he indicates as broken, did indeed have a crack in it

This gentleman was quick to let me know he was from Scotland, not Ireland

This gentleman finally introduces himself as Richard

This is my absolute favorite of the night. After thanking one of the spirits for a response he very politely tells me You’re Welcome

It was interesting to get 3 different responses to the same question about finding them on the census, I got 2 yes and 1 maybe

When I asked Harriett if she had children, I was told No Children (most likely because they were 1/2 brother and sister)

I was asking Harriett about her physical description when one of the spirits informs me they had blue eyes


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