Historic Winder, GA Residence

2013 House
Winder, GA Residence

This investigation was a lot of fun for us. It had lots of activity claims and I got to do a LOT of historical and genealogy research.

I managed to track the land records back to 1887 (I plan to go farther for a repeat investigation, but there was a hindrance in the records that kept me from getting further before the investigation date).

Winder is a town in Georgia that has gone by a several names. It was first a Creek Indian village known as Snodon. When the whites settled it in 1793 it became known as The Jug and in 1803, with a population of 37 people, it was renamed Jug Tavern. In 1894, this small city situated in not one but three different counties, it was renamed to Winder, and it would be another 20 years before a new county was formed that incorporated the entire town.

George Daniel attended medical school at the Chattanooga Medical College in TN, and took his Doctor of Medicine degree in 1892 before coming to Winder, where his family lived, to become a town physician. In 1901 Dr. Daniel married Minnie Perry. Minnie was from a very prominent family the next town over and was one of 11 students that comprised the first graduating class of Perry-Rainey college in 1896. They lived in a modest cottage in the main part of town and in 1905 they welcomed the birth of their only child, Lucille. In October of 1907, at the age of 39, Dr. Daniel died and as of this date, the cause is unknown. I cannot locate an obituary and Georgia did not issue death certificates at the time. As you will read in the EVP transcriptions, George insists his death was the result of a train accident but that he was no where near a train when it happened, which has us stumped (if he is relating the circumstances correctly). There were several incidents involving trains in Winder in the months leading up to his death and it makes us wonder if he, being the town doctor, was somehow affected by treating the victims of any of these accidents, leading to his demise, until I can locate someone that has knowledge of his death, this will remain a mystery.

In 1909 Minnie and her mother, Martha J. Perry, secured funds to improve the structure on the property, and as you can see by the pictures it was a very large improvement. Census records show that Minnie and Martha ran a boarding house until they sold the property in 1920 and moved in with one of Martha’s other daughters down the street. In the following years the home was run as a funeral home by two different families, the Sammons and the Wises, until about 1974 when it became a private residence again.

We knew before the investigation that there had been two different houses on the property, but records did not indicate exactly when the large home had been built, we had a photograph taken in 1912 that showed current house and mentioned the previous cottage. During the investigation George had insisted he had not lived in the current structure. After the investigation, we were finally able to find a photograph, taken in 1908, that showed the smaller home, proving that George was indeed correct and it was the structure standing when he died in 1907.

1908 Cottage

1912 House

The current owner purchased the home in 2013 and began renovations immediately. Just as immediately, she started noticing strange occurrences. Objects were disappearing and being found in another location, strange noises, and seeing movement our of the corner of her eye (actually, this was reported by several people that had been in the home). After we arrived for the investigation, activity started almost right away. Twelve minutes in, we captured this class A EVP that still gives me ghostbumps (my term for activity related goose bumps) every time I hear it. Dave was leaving the room and I ask him where he is going. That’s when we get a voice saying “He left me here”  

George is not what we would call a negative spirit, but he IS very grumpy, and did not like me at all. He really only wanted to speak with Dave and the homeowner, but he did begrudgingly answer some of my questions. The night before the investigation, I broke my toe and we tried to use this to our advantage in communicating with the Doctor by asking him to examine it, he wanted no part in it, until Dave asked him if he could help me because he was worried about me, and he says Yes.

We had taken some of my antique medical equipment to use as trigger objects, and Dave picked up the syringe and asked if he should give me a shot, to which the good Doctor replies “Oh Yes”

He seems extremely protective over the homeowner and at one point indicated she was like a daughter to him. We know he likes to leave the house and go grocery shopping with her to remind her of things she has mentioned she needed to get. There was one trip where she had stated in the house that she need to buy a magic eraser for some cleaning and when she passed them in the aisle at the grocery store, one flew off the shelf at her. One of the reports of activity had been someone walking down the stairs every morning at 6 am, this happened for quite awhile until one of the residents had had enough of the disturbance and sternly told them to stop. I brought this up during one session and as you can hear, he sounded truly repentant when he says sorry after I told him that was rude..

When the homeowner asks if George likes the person that told him to stop walking up/down the stairs, he replies “Yes”

At one point the homeowner had some unexpected visitors and we had to take a break. During this time we left the room we were in and went outside. We left the SB7 and voice recorder going. As you can hear, George was happy to let us know he was still in the room waiting for us by saying “I’m Here”.

During the investigation we communicated with 3 different spirits. Along with George, there is a woman who identified herself as Frances, and a child who’s name we did not get, but George was the most outspoken. The evidence we collected was clearly of the intelligent type, but there was no malevolence in any way.
Here George is telling us his name (twice)

And here is Frances revealing herself

And here she appears to be having fun with us. I thought I saw the bag containing the SB7 move, and when I ask about it she tells us “Maybe”

Here, we are questioning George about his manner of death
Here he says yes when I ask if he is sure it was a train

Here he tells us “Nope” when I asked if he was run over by a train

And here, he tells us “No” when I asked if he fell off a train

One very interesting thing happened, that while we cannot claim it is paranormal, it was strange enough to make note of it. At one point we asked George to knock on the wall or close a door to show us his presence. Immediately following that, there was a very loud bang, followed shortly by another. It turns out the door to the outside balcony had slammed against the frame both times, hard enough to shake the floor. When I went over the weather conditions for the evening and compared them with the timing of this incident, it was strange that this happened the way it did. There was one hour during the entire evening where the wind had picked up to a speed of 6.9 mph with gusts of 16.1 mph (it was calm before and after that) and this happened at the tail end of that hour.

We heard a knock on the one in one of the upstairs rooms, and when we asked the person to show us where they were, we got the interesting response of “Help”

At one point we heard someone speaking and ask them to tell us their name, to which they replied “I did”



  1. Hi! I’m Kaylee. I live near and go to school in Winder. One of my sister’s friends told me that this house and the one across the street from it were haunted but i didn’t believe them because at the time they were 9. This is very interesting because i LOVE paranormal activity and finding so very active ghosts is very rare here so i love some good live goosebumps!!!!

    • We are a local Paranormal Investigative group called, G.P.I (Georgia Paranormal Investigators) we are going to try to make contact with the current property owner to see if we can conduct an investigation. Please check us out on facebook

      • Hey Jeff, now that the new owners have finished certain renovations, we have one last follow-up investigation to do so I will mention to them you might try to contact them. Just be forewarned…we are not one of those teams that just investigates and leaves the spirits there or allows the property owners to keep them like “pets”. If they (the earthbounds) want help, I provide that. There have been subsequent investigations there that I have not blogged about since we have been working with this location for almost 4 years, so you might not find it as active as it was when I posted the details of this investigation. Good luck!!

  2. Kaylee, I don’t know about the house across the street, but I would sure love to find out!! This particular location is one of my favorite ones that we have done, I am hoping when the renovations are complete, that the home owner will let us come back again :)

  3. I think the house was sold earlier this summer. I wonder what happened…

    • It sold in August. That house still needs TONS of work done and it was my understanding that the maintenance costs were astronomical. I can tell you that the house was cleared of activity when we went back last spring, so ghosts would not be the reason for selling it :)

  4. I have spirits at my house also..good ones my grand daughter talks to them and tells us about them she is three..she calls them by name but also saids they her people

  5. Growing up in barrow I’ve always been interested in this home! I’m so glad to hear the history of it! Very very cool! I Love the paranormal world! It’s very intriguing :)

  6. My dad has told me about this house for years and years, always said it was a funeral home and he grew up right down the road from this house…I’ve grew up here and have always heard rumors of the house from him…now I know they are true…this is awesome!

  7. I grew up in the home next door 58 W Candler, I did a total renovation in 2008, it was crazy price wise, during renovations we picked up photos of orbs there us a great deal of history there.

      • That address is not one I have looked into, so I don’t really know anything about it:)

        • 91 west new street is my families old house since 1940’s recently sold as of last year

      • That’s the house I grew up in. There’s nothing unusual about it as far any paranormal activity.

  8. I find this neat because I live in the town near Winder XD. Thanks for sharing this with us; Jesus Christ Bless!

  9. I can tell you that it is most definitely haunted. I was about 13-14 years old and a friend of mine lived there. Im going ti say it was around 1992-1993. Her name was Ricki Black. We had a few of our other friends and we had a sleep over . We also heard the loud noises and someone walking up and down the stairs and one of the other girls claimed that they actually saw a man in a window. It was most definitely a scary experience but also fun.

  10. My family owns a home built in 1861 on Athens street in Winder. I lived there for nine years and felt the presents of someone during the evening hours. A young man committed suicide in his upstairs room and his sister was sent to an insane asylum even though nothing was wrong with her. I believe it is worth investigating as others who lived there have told of strange activity going on over the years when they lived or visited the home.

    • Hi Bill, we are happy to investigate any home at the owners request (and we do not charge anything to do it)

      • Shannon! We would love your help! My childhood home is very active and my poor neice sees apparitions! My sister lives there now..how do we go about setting it up! Weve always wanted to know whos there :)

  11. My grandaddy Robert C Sharpe Sr. aka Bob Sharpe opened his first business in Winder 1942 Winder plumbing heating and air. I saw one picture of him from that time I wish I had more. Because I’m his grandson 73 year’s later I’ve done the same and started my company here.

  12. We had an office next door and it is most definitely 100% haunted

  13. I live in Walton County. We are about 10minutes from Winder. Thank you so much for sharing this story. There are SEVERAL locations around here that have many reports of paranormal activity. It might be well worth your time checking these out. If I can help in any way please let me know.

    • Becky, we are always happy to investigate anywhere we are invited, if you know of places that have people that would be interested in having us at their location just give them our name :)

  14. I live in winder and pass this house all the time. i knew it has spirits because many people from here have told me. i often wonder about the house i live in. plus where john russells office is on stevens ave. is haunted. i know from experience. and that is one street over from the one u had contact with george

  15. Interesting stories about this house – thanks for sharing.
    I actually looked at this house for possible purchase when it was on the market, but as stated above in one of the comments, the restoration requirements just didn’t justify the price of the house. Someone has purchased it though, and it is now a bed & breakfast.
    I actually purchased a house just down the street from this one – 118 W Candler. Also a large, old Victorian built in 1903 and I am the fourth owner of it. Lots of creaks, knocks and pops but then, for a 113 year old that is to be expected! No activity that I know of.
    Reading through the comments someone mentioned 58 W Candler – that is now a real estate office (People’s Equity Partners) who sold me the house. Also, someone mentioned a funeral home; there may be some confusion on this point, as my understanding is the funeral home was around the corner from mine 70 W Church St; this also is for sale now and was previously an event center.
    Anyway, thanks for the info!

    • Hey :) Winder had several funeral homes over the decades. Sammons was the first one to take over the place we investigated, then it was another one, then they merged with the one that was on church street (forgive me, I don’t remember the year off the top of my head). I love the Victorian houses on Candler that have survived, if you ever need help at yours just let us know!!

  16. Hey Shannon I noticed you had said in 1974 it had became a private residence. Was it still Wise Funeral Home with a private residence? The reason I’m asking is my best friend was at Wise Funeral Home in 1993 there.

    • Hey Michelle, even though its been awhile, let me say I’m so sorry for the lost of your friend. Sometimes those deaths are harder on us than some members of our family. I would have to go dig out my files and look at the deed transfers, but if memory serves me correctly, Wise had already merged with Connolly and moved to the Church street location before 1993. The main part of their building looks very similar to the Candler street house (its a huge white house with 4 big columns and upper balcony just like Candler ) . I’m pretty sure your friends obit would say something like, funeral arrangements by the Wise-Connolly Funeral Home.

    • Hey I graduated Winder-Barrow High in 1978. At that time it was still Wise Funeral Home.

  17. Good morning!
    Next time you guys do any invagestion; i would love to tag along.. Very cool to experience something like this! Thanks!

  18. This was very interesting reading. We actually lived in the house right next door to it and I feel confident that that house was also haunted. I enjoyed the read and the history!!

  19. In the 70’s my mother had a flower shop. So at 16 yrs old I was the delivery person for all the funeral arrangements that people ordered. Back then it was not unusual for me to take 50 different arrangements for one body over a 2 day period. I made deliveries to both locations. I did this for several years. There was a couple younger guys who worked for Monroe Wise when I first started delivering. I got to know them very well among other employees. Most of the time there wasn’t anyone there when I delivered. I had to take the flowers in and set them up where the dead person laid. I have been all over both houses many times with others and by myself. The house you are reporting about was FULL of ghost. I thought I was crazy at first. They knew who I was Everytime I walked in which could have been several times a day, all week long, strange things happened.
    It always scared the crap out of me. For example, they helped me find my keys many times.
    One time someone caught me when I tripped over a rug.
    In this particular house, there was always a presence. Like someone was watching me. It was bad enough I had to deal with dead bodies!
    One time I walked down the hall by the room where they prepared the bodies and the door flew open and shut a couple seconds later. First time I had seen a dead body laying on a stainless steel table with what looked similar to a toilet at the end of the table.
    I could tell you story after story. I always sang hymns while I was there. Sometimes I could hear someone singing with me…

  20. Hey if you ever go to Walton County which is Monroe Ga. About 10 minutes from Winder Ga. You might want to get in touch with Ken Murray Jr. His family owns Park Place Nursing Home and ask him if you can investigate the old nursing facility up on the hill. I worked as an Activity Director in the old place in 1989 until a new facility was built next door. I left in 97 . If I not mistaking the old building was a school at 1 time the old part of the building was 2 floors and a hospital . There was a long hallway or walkway that separated the old part to a newer part that was added on later and off from old part was an annex room that I used as an Activity room that a lot of the workers and I felt had a lot of activity including the bathroom in the annex. The walkway too . The entire facility both buildings the old part and new part . I ‘ve heard the stories the nurses have told and families of the residents have talked about , even some of the resident themselves have talked about seeing shadows . I always got the feeling of someone or something watching me while I was in the annex working. I think it would be worth your time to look into it. The Activity worker now is Sheila Andrews.
    Good Hunting,

    • We go to Monroe all the time. We love going to the mills on our antiquing weekends. Thanks for the heads up, I will keep it in mind :)

  21. I have always known the town was very evil and full of demons and ppl.posessed by demons, so why wouldn’t it be full of ghosts. I always tho’t it was because of the wog.

    • I’d love to hear why you think that? I’ve been around Winder for over 40 years and I’ve yet to run into anything evil or demonic.

  22. The old wise funneral which was turned into a event center is haunted. Also there is a house in Horton st that is haunted as well by my great grandfather and a brick home down from Hardees that as a child I was freaked out by the feeing of aheavy chest and couldnt breathe along wth the feeling of someone wanting me out. I cried till my dad let me wait in the car. There are many homes in Winder haunted by the ghosts of Winders passed. Its just about having access to them.,i was told as a child and even an adult that the Russell house is haunted as well but he wasn’t so nice.

  23. etheridge drive off kilcrease is pure evil. barrow county is and the 4 way at browns bridge rd and kilcrease trailer up on hill on july 27 2014 i literally went to hell and. came back.

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