Why Should You Choose Us?

There are literally thousands of “ghost hunting” teams out there. Each of us involved for our own reasons. Each of us have our own “beliefs” on what is and isn’t “evidence”. Each of us has developed our own investigation “dos and don’ts”. Dave and I are no different in that.

If you read the Timeless Tuesday page, you will see that people have been trying to prove the existence of ghosts for a very very long time. You will also read that faking evidence was as prevalent back then as it is now, only now, with the advancement of technology, it is far easier.

We are a husband and wife team that have been together for over ten years and we love going to a location to collect data using various investigatory strategies to try to prove what has been rejected by science. We understand that in a world saturated with books, websites, and television shows it is hard to separate what COULD be normal every day occurrences from the “unexplained”. Unfortunately there are all too many people that feel that manufacturing results will get them where ever it is they want to be in this “profession”. We do this because we want to help people understand what could be going on around them and that not every knock in the wall or object that falls over is “demonic activity”, not to “further” ourselves.

Do we have beliefs that don’t agree with other groups? Of course we do. Do we use investigation techniques that other peers may not agree with? Of course we do. Is that ok with us? Of course it is. No two groups are going to ever be the same when it comes to everything involved with “paranormal research”, because there are just too many variables and belief systems.

We like to have fun, and we really enjoy the historical places we get to go and the people we get to meet along the way, but we are serious about what we do.  We approach every investigation as skeptics, meaning that while we personally believe in ghosts, we do not believe every location we go to is haunted. We understand that a person who might have had a true paranormal experience may start to see everything happening around them as paranormal and they may not always understand or they lose sight of real world situations that could cause what they are experiencing.  We will take the claims of occurrences and always try to find the “normal” explanation first, we are firm believers that everything is NOT paranormal and that a large percentage of things CAN be explained very simply. In all our years we have only ONCE collected photographic data that we honestly could not explain.   If you are looking for a team that thinks every “orb” or “mist” or “light anomaly” is a spirit, we are not the team for you. We have spent years learning what our cameras will produce in various situations, and we are well versed in “ghost apps”. We will not accept any case where those have been used to convince us there is activity in your location.  We are a fun group, but we are also very serious about what we do, and the worst thing we could do is waste either your time or our time if we do not think we can help you.

We do not charge for anything that we do, not the pre-investigation research, not our travel expenses, not our investigation, and not the reports we will provide after we analyze what we collected.  We invest our own time and money because research is what we want to do. If you need confidentiality for yourselves and the actual location, that is no problem, but we do reserve the right to share the data we collect to try to further education, not only of ourselves, but of the public as well. We are happy to supply references upon request.

We will travel to parts of GA, SC, NC, TN, and AL so if you think our philosophies are in line with yours, and you need assistance, we would love to hear from you. You can Email us, or contact us via our Facebook Page






  1. Hey, y’all know me. I’m Diane’s son. I was wondering if y’all were planning on making a television series of the phenomena you find. I’d be glad to participate in the camera crew or even the production team. Trust me, i love paranormal research and investigations.

  2. I have been having issues in my house for years. I have always thought it was the house settling but as of late it has been more and more unexplained things. Like lights being turned on and off or items moving. I also have been hearing sounds and voices when no one was home except me and my two cats. I need to know if you can help me asap!!!


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