Jay & the Lilburn Medium

Jay Dobbertin 

6/2/1968 – 5/3/2013



This photo will always be one of my favorites of Jay.  When David and I asked Jay to be in our wedding, we asked if he would grow out his hair, and he obliged without a 2nd thought.  This photo shows that even 6 months after the wedding he still hadn’t cut his hair.

SO many of us were left reeling when we got the news that Jay had passed away unexpectedly.  When you lose someone like Jay, who was so much larger than life, it leaves a larger than life hole in your heart, and people all across the country were trying to find their own way to deal with the loss of a wonderful husband, father, and friend, some of us failing miserably.  Every single little thing that reminded me of Jay made me burst into uncontrollable tears. Dave can tell you, I couldn’t even drive down 675 for the longest time because Jay and I always had this “thing” where I went send him a text that said “waving as we go by” when we passed the exit we used to get to his house, and he would answer back “let me know when you’re on your way back”.

Doing what Dave and I do, and me having the gifts that I have, it was inevitable that I tried to contact Jay. I do not have to be in the vicinity that a person died to talk to them, I can be anywhere.   It took me 6 months to work up the courage, and even then I was a mess. It is really hard to listen back to the whole recording because I sob almost all the way through it.

I set up the SB7 and proceeded to try to get him to talk to me. I don’t know if I was more bothered that he did than I would have been if he hadn’t.  For 40 minutes we “chatted” and many times his responses came thru the Sb7 and several times in his actual voice.  At the time, I shared these with Ann, because some of the messages were specifically for her. I was not ready to share with anyone else.

In December I met someone who has been invaluable to me over the last several months. When I was sharing about the loss of Jay she told me something so profound and related so well to my journey over the last year that I instantly understood my method of grieving was all wrong.  She had told me Jay had crossed over the moment he passed and that there hadn’t been any pain. This was the good news, then she told me the bad.  “We” (and I mean that in the collective sense) kept pulling him back and he had important work to be doing on the other side and he couldn’t do it because our grief wouldn’t let him.  She told me I HAD to let him go if I wanted him to be the guiding angel he was meant to be. Well let me tell you, that stopped me dead in my tracks.  The LAST thing I wanted was to be the cause of someone not getting a helping hand from Jay.  

That was the day I stopped crying (for the most part, it still happens out of the blue occasionally). That was the day I could say his name without turning into a blubbering mess or feeling physical pain in my chest.  That was the day I found my peace with what had happened. 

Today, May 2nd, is the anniversary of the last time I had a conversation with Jay on the phone. One day later he would be gone from the physical world and I thought I would never hear his voice again.  I was wrong.

As we approach the one year anniversary, Ann and I were talking. I told her I felt I might be ready to share “our” voice files and she said yes, it would be a good thing because it might help someone else.

I’m not sharing them all, there are a few that won’t mean anything to anyone but me. But I have several that I will share, some of them belong to Ann and so with her permission, I invite you to listen to the following files.  Everyone’s ears are different, so I am posting the raw file along with the noise reduction file.  You might need headphones, you might not, it all depends on your hearing.  I will post the question and response so you know what you’re listening to.  

I realize not everyone believes in this, and that’s ok. Its not my job to make you believe, its to be here for the ones that do.

This one is really hard to hear, but it is when I start out and ask if there is anyone that wants to speak to me through the spirit box, the response is “Yes”  “Its Jay”

This one is another one thats difficult to hear.  I had been talking to him about Ann & Josh, and I asked if he had set it up so she could meet Josh, the response is “I did”

Raw File:

Noise reduced file:

At one point I was asking about the people he had met on the other side, when I got to Jesus, I got an audible “Yes”

Raw File:

Noise reduced file:

This one makes me tear up every time. I asked him if he wanted me to give a message to Ann and very plainly in his voice, he says “Thank You”

Raw File:

Noise reduced file:

This is where I ask him if he sends me signs that he’s around, his response is “I do”

Raw File:

Noise reduced file:

This is one of the multitude of times I told him I loved him, his response is “Miss Shannon”

Raw File:

Noise reduced file:

After awhile I just got silly and started asking him about the mysteries of the world.  When I ask if we will ever have proof the lochness monster is real he says “Yes” but emphatically tells me “No” when I ask about bigfoot.

Raw file:

Noise reduced file:











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  1. Very interesting, and exciting at the same time.
    Jay was an awesome fellow. If you ever speak with him again tell him I miss him too.

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