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The first part of 2014, we were approached about working on a television project. We have always said that we were never investigators to become famous and had no desire to work on tv so it was conflicting to be approached to do this. Imagine how I felt when I (Shannon), got the news on May 23 I would be Executive Producer along with Gordon Sabol.

There are a few people that come close to knowing our heart and our integrity and our drive when it comes to anything paranormal related, and we understand that. When we agreed that Dave and I would work on this project it was because we firmly believe that the creator/producer Jerry Sword is as passionate about the truth and going about finding it as we are. We am not out to be stars, we are not out to be famous, we are not out to make stuff up. Fortunately the other team picked, Savannah Paranormal Investigations, feels the same way and I cannot tell you how great it has been getting to know this team and we look forward to working with them.

Another reason we agreed to do it was because it is PBS that showed the initial interest the show. I may foolishly, or not, believe that carries a little more integrity, no one can know that right now, and there is no guarantee PBS will pick it up, it may be someone else. What I can say is that in the talks of creating this show, there has not been one single thing that has made me uncomfortable or clashed with my passion of research and the truth. If that happens down the line, I have no problem removing myself from the situation.

Will this show be a success? who knows because people don’t always want the truth, they want to be entertained and it is my experience truth and entertainment don’t generally go hand in hand.

I am perfectly accepting and ok if this doesn’t go anywhere, but I have to give it a shot, and I have to give it my all. It is my chance to “do things right” and show people what can be achieved and what you DON’T have to do to tell a compelling story.

Our goal has always been to educate and find the truth by honest means. One thing we always tell people when we arrive to do an investigation is that it wont be what they’ve seen on tv….and when we are done, they always agree and a lot of times ask…why, when how we conducted things was much more educational. THAT is what everyone involved with this project want to achieve on a more global scale.

I pick apart every show I watch and I’m often very confused about things. Even something as simple as telling the correct history of the location or event is always screwed up or skewed. For example, the story of Bobby Mackey’s and the events surrounding Pearl Bryan’s death. The REAL story is not told, there are several stories merged to make it seem like more than it is. I have spent YEARS researching the real story of her murder and how it really has zero connection with Bobby’s location. Anyone that does the slightest bit of research on this one will find quickly she and that place are in no way connected. THIS is what American Ghost Towns will be, real research, real stories, real investigations, if we do not obtain data, we don’t, and none will be manufactured, but hopefully the person watching it will learn something anyway.

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