Scull Shoals – Greene County GA

This investigation hits close to home as the property was once owned by a team member’s (Shannon) family before the mill village was built in 1811. In 1793 Richard & Mary Thrasher lived here with their 4 children and slaves. For the previous year the area had been subjected to raids by the Creek Indians, not only on livestock but the inhabitants as well. The following is from the Georgia Militia Journals, chronicling what happened to the Thrasher family.

On the 22nd of April, 1793, the Indians, numbering thirty-seven, made a sudden attack upon the house of Mr. Richard Thrasher, two children and a Negro woman. Mrs. Thrasher, to avoid, if possible, the fate with which she was threatened, fled with her infant, five or six weeks old, in her arms, and reached the river. The savages pursued her, shot her through each thigh and the right breast, stabbed her in the left breast with a knife, cur her arm nearly off, and then scalped her. In this dreadful situation she remained until the neighbors could assemble in sufficient numbers to cross the river and pursue the Indians. As the first canoe was crossing, she had strength sufficient to call for assistance. The poor woman was found hanging by a bush in water nearly up to her chin, her infant at the bottom of the river, a few yards from her. She lived nearly twenty-four hours, and when informed by her physician that it was impossible for her to survive much longer, she, with a fortitude that is rarely to be met with, called her friends around her, and in a calm manner gave her hand to every one, wishing them a better fate than that which had befallen her and her family. This lady was twenty-five years old, of highly respectable connections, handsome and well educated”

Now just close your eyes and try to imagine the horror that this 25 year old woman went through and witnessed, add to that 24 hours of what had to be a living hell considering the injuries she had. What this particular account does not mention, but is proven in court records, is that they had another child that was kidnapped and held by the Creek for 11-13 years before she was back with the family but “always kept her Indian ways”.

Given the history we had to try to see if we could capture anything, but it would have been impossible to be there at night, so this investigation was conducted during the day, focusing on EVP sessions.

We pursued various lines of questioning in different areas and at one point switched the focus from the family and onto the slave that was scalped. When we asked if he was there we captured a very loud scream that was not heard by our ears at the time.

We do plan on going back when the summer bugs have calmed down and the area has not been flooded by the overflowing Oconee river so that we can get to more areas.


Oconee River – Scull Shoals


Scull Shoals – Flooded Power Plant Foundations


Scull Shoals – Warehouse Ruins


Scull Shoals – Chimney Ruins – Managers House





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  1. Shannon
    LOve your pictures and website, I was wondering if I could get your permission to link to your site and use your images in a book I am writing for history press? I am featuring scull shoals in a chapter. I love your fireplace picture. It may be a great cover shot. Could I get your permission to use you as a source and link to your site in my book and my website?
    Thank you!
    Lisa M. Russell

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